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Explore your teachers near and far. We honor to share with you amaging lessons spoken in English and Japanese. Discover new yogi life style from all over the world.

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Our experienced trainer will help you to improve your health and life.
Bigin your journey to a better life with PEACE, LOVE, BEAUTIFUL, HAPPINESS, and JOYFULL


Balance body and mind, Increase strength and flexibility, Eliminate toxins from body, Build core strength, Connect inner self and higher self, Feel Japanese Energy


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September 20, 2021 - September 26, 2021

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  • Choose your location  EAST  ASIA  JAPAN
  • Choose the DATE AND TIME of your favorit class
  • Choose your exact location into Target area


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As we wish mixing up as much nationality as possible, we offer some room for free!!
Please feel free to join us!! We will be happy and honor with that!!

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The best online class ever !! The lecture is very easy to understand as Luja moves as if she is in a mirror!! So much fun!! Look forward to it every month!!
Luja class
5 out of 5
The instructions were very detailed and Izabella helped me to position myself properly. She was calm and yet sharp.
Izabella class
5 out of 5
It was my first time to take Kundalini yoga, but it was a mysterious time that the breathing technic was unique and directly stimulated the chakras!!
Mami class
5 out of 5
It was amazing!! It's completely different while at home. It feels like you're connected to another world!! It's wonderful that you can feel the authenticity in real time. and she really was beautiful!!
opening ceremony
5 out of 5


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Connects the world with YOGA

That was the first yoga class I took, witch taught in English, I didn't understand what the teacher was talking about at all so I just followed how people were doing it, then it worked. I have been taking yoga from many teachers in many countries, India, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Mexico, Germany and so on... Each time it transformed me.
And It's just so beautiful to share the energy we all have.

We don't need particular language with YOGA. We all know what to do!!
Just feel and move your body!! Just share our amazing energy!!That's all we have to do!!

Namaste!! Sat Nam!!